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[Guide]Nikki's Classroom 3 —— Gear Forge

At 2016-04-02

    To be a great hero in HoA, you need not only high level, but also a good set of gears. What makes a gear better? That is the system for today's Nikki's Classroom —— Gear Forge system.

Forge system

    Forge system has five parts - Enhance, Rune, Inherit, Refine and Synth. Each has a different effect. The most commonly used systems are Enhance and Refine.

    "Enhance" improves the base attributes of a gear. 

    The basic resources needed for enhancing are Enhance Gem (or Super Enhance Gem for lv.15+ gear) and B.Ingot (or Ingot). The higher level your gear is , the more resources need.

Tick "Cost Ingot" to use unbound ingot instead of bound ingot


Basic Steps to enhance a gear

    Every time you enhance, there is a success rate. Normally, the higher level your gear is ,the lower success rate is. 

    You can increase the success rate by Fairy Gem or Dragon Balls.

The more fairy gems used, the higher success rate will be.

Dragon Balls set the success rate to 100%. The amount of Dragon Balls required is the number on the right.

(As for this picture, the amount of required dragon balls is 2)


    "Refine" changes the random attributes of a gear randomly. It has three modes: Normal, Advanced and VIP Refine. Advanced is better than Normal, and VIP Refine is the best. They require different material.

Steps to Refine a Gear

   On the screen, there are two set of attributes. On the left is the original Attri. . On the right is the Refined Attri.. When you click "Refine", the Refined Attri. changes. If you think the Refined number is acceptable, click "Exchange" to accept the Refined Attri.

    Remember: ONLY WHEN you click "Exchange" will the attributes of your gear change into the new ones.

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