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[Guide]Nikki's Classroom 2 —— EXP Totem

At 2016-03-30
    Heroes, have you joined a clan? Don't forget to do clan quests and join clan events for EXP and ingots. 
    Today, we are coming to the 2nd lesson - EXP Totem. 
    EXP Totem marks a special zone. In this zone, all EXP gained is doubled. Moreover, this effect can be multiplied with EXP exilir! 2*3=6, 2*5=10. One kill, ten EXP. Use your EXP Exilir most efficiently. Nikki will show you how to find and use EXP totem. Let's go!

    What time does EXP Totem come out?
    Every day at 12:00, 17:00, 20:00, an EXP Totem comes out. When a EXP totem is open, a Announce (like the picture below) shows up. A EXP totem lasts for 30 minutes. Hurry up and don't waste it!

Announcement of EXP totem

    Where is EXP Totem?

    EXP Totems randomly show up in each of the LV30+ maps. If you found it, please tell other players. 

Ask other players for the location of EXP Totem

    What is a EXP Totem?

    Here is the picture of the EXP totem. Please notice the shining halo around it. Only EXP Totem has a shining halo.

EXP Totem


Nikki is Fighting Monsters around EXP Totem


    How to use the EXP Totem?

    Just kill monsters around the EXP Totem. EXP Totem will double your EXP gain automatically. 

    Nikki recommend heroes using EXP Elixir with EXP Totem. 300% EXP becomes 600% EXP. 500% EXP becomes 1000% EXP! 

Use EXP Elixir for mutiplied EXP

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