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[Guide]Nikki's Classroom 1 —— Clan

At 2016-03-29
    Heroes, welcome to Nikki's Classroom! Nikki want every hero to be the strongest. So from now on, Nikki will share some knowledge in the world of Avalon with you. Here we go!

    Lesson 1 - Clan System. Clan means your family in the world of Avalon. Clan members will grow up with you, help you in the raids, and fight for you when you are killed by bad guys.  If you need more EXP, Clan quests give you plenty of EXP! Ingots, clan skill, clan shop..., joining clan gives you so many benefits.  Follow Nikki's guide to get them. Are you ready?

    How to open the clan system? 
    Reach level 17 to open the clan system.

    Where to join a clan? 

    Click the icon "Clan" on the top-right of screen. If you aren't already in a clan, you will see the screen below. Click "Go now" button, and auto-pathing will lead you to the Clan Envoy.

Click "Go now" to go to Clan Envoy

    How to join a clan? 

    Uncle Clan Envoy will give you two options: "Create" and "List". To join a clan, click "List" to see the clan list. There you can choose a clan to apply to join. It may take a while before the leader accept your apply.

Click "List" to look at clan list

Choose a clan, then click "Apply" in the red circle to join.

    How to create a clan?
    Click "Create" in the two options to create a clan. Creating a clan needs a Clan Token.

You need a Clan Token to create a clan

    Clan's home - Clan Map

    After that, you are in a clan now. Click "Clan" icon, then click "Clan Map" to go to your clan map. Clan map is the home of your clan. 

Find Housekeeper to get Clan Quests

    Clan Quest/Event- EXP, ingots, and more

    You can get Clan Quests from Housekeeper. Clan Quests give you plenty of EXP, ingots and oblation. 

    Clan event is also very rewarding. Being active in clan event is good for your level-up.

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