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[News]Heroes of Avalon Strats Open Beta Today

At 2016-03-17

Dear Warriors,
Heroes of Avalon open beta finally comes!

S1-Moon Pond will open at 10:00 am March 17th(GMT+8). 

At the same time, we have prepared many of exciting activities!

Level-Up Pack

Activity :  

Thanks for downing the game! We have prepared this Level-Up Pack worthy 4888 diamonds for you new starters! 

Enjoy it : )

Login for Talisman

Activity : 

Daily log in the game to receive the corresponding reward!Get the rare talisman on the seventh day!

Iron Man Exclusive

Activity : 

Recharge to get the cooooooooool mount -- Robot Warrior !

You can only get him from the first week's Iron Man Exclusive event. 

LEVEL UP Competition

Activity : 

Deadline to 23:59 tonight , the top ten players of the Level List will get huge rewards!

B.R. Competition I
Activity : 

Deadline to March 19 23:59 , the top ten players of the B.R. list will get huge rewards!

B.R. Competition II

Activity : 

Deadline to March 21 23:59 , the top ten players of the B.R. list will get huge rewards!

B.R. Welfare
Activity : 
Reach certain to receive rewards! Enjoy being stronger!

Total Recharge

Activity :

Total recharge certain diamond to claim rewards!

Daily Recharge
Activity :
Daily recharge certain diamond to claim rewards!

Recharge Relay Race
Activity :
More days you recharge, more rewards you'll get!

Total Consume
Activity :
Total consume to get huge rewards!

Daily Enhance
Activity :
Reach the specified level by enhance the equipment to get enhance resources return per day!

Enhance Master

Activity :
Enhance the equipment to get huge rewards!To be stronger!

All Star Clan(L)
Activity :
Rewards will be send by the mail on the eighth day to the players mailbox , please note to check.

All Star Clan(M)
Activity :
Rewards will be send by the mail on the eighth day to the players mailbox , please note to check.

Fashion Star

Activity :

Achieve the VIP level to VIP4 or VIP6.You'll get the fashion clothing!

We have also prepared the New Players Pack on our offical home page: http://hoa.t1gamer.com/

Come and get them for free! 

We are excited to see you in Avalon!