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[News]Upcoming Open Beta

At 2016-03-15

☆☆☆ The very first oriental mythic MMORPG! A brand new mythic world is coming!
☆☆☆ Fully open world for unlimited PVP battle! Conquer the world with your clan!
☆☆☆ Thousands of avatars for you to choose! Custom the one and only!

——Represent your class and fight to the top!
The 4 unique classes offer you plenty of choices in Heroes of Avalon. You’ll finally find the way that suits you most.

——Legendary talisman for you to collect!
There’re plenty of talismans in Avalon. All of them have their unique skill which can help you improve your combo. Using it correctly can make your battles easier!

——Fantasy avatar for you to choose!
Avatar system offers you thousands of choices to custom your character! Other than that, you’ll have your ride and a pair of wings that helps you with your journey in Avalon.

——High quality picture x Magnificent view!
We create a whole new mythic world for all of you – Avalon. Here you can find all kinds of oriental landscapes and fantastic mythic creatives. All of them together appears to be a world that is totally different from anyone you have seen.

With all of our efforts and sincerity, we bring you the Heroes of Avalon. And we sincerely hope you all can enjoy the game and we’re looking forward to be the witness of your legend!

Could not wait?We're coming soon!